How To Charge A Hoverboard

Where Can You Sell A Hoverboard? — Some Good Ideas

Hoverboards came with the wave of the ‘a-must-buy swag’, changing how people have fun while fast becoming a major plank of transport use for short distances.

Aside being a new addition to outdoor movements, there are many other indoor models that have been a big attraction to lots of people who ride with pleasure and a new cool.

However, it has not always been about attraction, as there were recent cries and hues about the safety of its usage, like the story of a home burnt down but traced to a sparked fire from a hoverboard.

Such kind of reputation brings to question a whole lot of concern about the safety of the device and while there has been heightened response to ensure safety, there are individuals, stores and shopping sites that could be the skeptical about buying. So, how do you manage such seeming pushback to get your hoverboard sold?

Factors To Consider Before Selling Your Hoverboard

1. Good Hoverboard Features

You should know that consumers’ tastes in preferred hoverboards are quite eclectic. You must match that by selling hoverboards whose features are good and consumer-worthy.

If you are going to do an online sale, most especially, it is important that you put so many things into consideration, from the state of your hoverboard, to the design features and form. Ensure they are in the best state.

2. Ticking The Safety Box

So, before talking about selling your hoverboard, you need to tick the safety box. Part of the consumer safety response was to ensure that hoverboards that are deemed safe for public use have all gone through thorough independent evaluation and testing and certified UL 2272.

Being certified UL 2272 means that your product buy is not only safe, it is worth selling. What a certified product indicates is that your hoverboard will be both reliable and durable. 

3. Additional Costs

You rarely find online sales that do not clearly define shipping cost, if that’s where you are headed. You need to determine if your item won’t impact additional cost because of shipment.

This is often the case for many hoverboards because of the weight of the product. The additional cost for you could also be if you can guarantee the buyer that they are opened to a warranty. People generally prefer to buy products with warranty as it gives an assurance of durability and reliability.

Where Hoverboards Can Be Sold

There are several options to consider for where you can sell your hoverboard. In considering the options, you can easily choose the one that speaks to you or your interest.

1. Online Hosting

You can sell your hoverboard by taking advantage of online shopping or auctioning sites where there is a possible engagement with customers.

There are also services that are offered web-based which can help drive the same; take for instance, craigslist.

Craigslist has grown from the idea that motivated its creation to be a solution-driven online service that allows you easily track more than just local events, but also items that someone within your local space might need.

Hoverboard owners who need to sell off their hoverboards — especially if it is broken — can find handy hoverboard repairers who buy them from their local craigslist. The repairers need some of the parts of the hoverboards for other hoverboard repairs or re-sell.

Also, online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon and the like offer retail opportunities for customers or users of their platform to sell products there.

2. Pawn Shops

Another place you can sell your hoverboard is at pawn shops. The way pawn shops operate is somewhat peculiar and valuable.

The idea of pawning an item shares similarity with collateral value that a banking institution puts forward to lend a (prospective) customer.

When your item is pawned, what you are basically doing is you’re giving your own valuables to the pawnbroker as a collateral to get money.

If for any reason, you are unable to return the cash, the pawnbroker can sell off your item and get the loan accrued back for money lent to you.

Many times, they can hold out the valuable so you can pay back the loan owed with interests.

That said, many don’t know that pawn shops are not only for collateral, you can also sell at pawn shops. When you bring your item to a pawn shop, the pawnbroker determines the pay which you come into agreement with on the valuation of your item. You get paid and that’s all.

Hoverboards can be sold at pawn shops if you decide to part with whichever you have.

No doubt there are many of the shops who operate illegally in the States, but there are reviewed regulations across states to strengthen the laws governing their practice.


You have to ensure that your hoverboard is indeed worth selling and examine if you have fulfilled the conditions that make it a suitable one for prospective buyers or customers.

In a world that is daily connected by the power of technology, leveraging on that might be your best access to pushing the sales of your hoverboard out than any other product. 

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