Where Can You Get A Hoverboard?

Where Can You Get A Hoverboard? — Online & Offline Options

We all know about the hoverboard; that self-propelled two-wheeled device that gives you the feeling of gliding.

To be honest, this device doesn’t actually hover but the feeling you get while on a hoverboard is almost the same.

Now you are all gassed up and really want to get a hoverboard, but you don’t want to get one of bad quality or at a price that isn’t convenient.

It will be unfair to try purchasing one of the coolest gadgets on the planet right now and make a mistake in the acquisition process, so, we will aid you in making the best selection you possibly can. 

This leads us straight to the question of the day; where can one get a hoverboard? To answer this, we have compiled a list of avenues through which you can get your hands on one.

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Please note that we are in no way affiliated with the outlets listed in this article. That having been said, let’s now get it to it.

Where Can You Get A Hover Board?

Not to shade anyone but we all know there are already low cost, substandard versions of these hoverboards in circulation, and they most likely are not up to par with the originals.

Also, they will surely not give you the best experience that you truly desire, and could even cause accidents. We strongly frown against those. 

Well, in this article, we give you 5 different platforms where you can get original and well-functioning hoverboards, at pretty reasonable prices, too. Come with us!

1. Best Buy

According to them at Best Buy, they offer “expert services; unbeatable price” and they might be right with this statement.

You have to admit that they are one of the largest electronic stores in America. So, if you want to get a hoverboard for yourself, or as a gift for a friend or loved one, then Best Buy is one of the great options available to you.

They have a wide range of hoverboards, with several price options to suit your budget. 

You can choose to see what you are buying in person before actually making a purchase. Simply walk into the nearest Best Buy store in your area and find what hoverboard suits your style.

They have a 15-day return policy should you change your mind about your purchase.

However, it is important to know that Best buy’s return policy also attracts a 15 per cent fee on every returned purchase.

Best Buy also sweetens the deal with their free shipping option on items bought if you decide to buy your beloved hoverboard from their online platform.

2. Amazon

The e-commerce giant offers you a palette of options as they have several vendors on their platform selling hoverboards.

This is a great option if you do not want to leave the comfort of your home. You could also qualify for free shipping, meaning you only have to bear the cost of buying the hoverboard and nothing else – how is that for cozy shopping?

You get flexible buying options as each buy could have different incentives and juicy deals for you to take advantage of. Everybody loves a good deal, don’t they?

Further, Amazon has excellent customer service should you need their help during the course of your purchase.

Also, they have a 30-day return policy, which, in our opinion, is awesome because you can never tell what could happen with a hoverboard. You might find it too exciting for your taste, but we even doubt that will ever happen.

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Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

3. Walmart

Walmart isn’t giving any quarter in the hoverboard retail game with over 5,000 listings for hoverboards alone. That is actually mind-boggling, if you ask us, but in a good way, of course. How are you even going to make up your mind with such a wide range of options?

There are also several retailers on Walmart’s platform, giving you an array of deals to choose from.

Keep in mind that if you are buying from Walmart online, they have a 2-day shipping policy but then good things are worth waiting for. Well, there is also an in-store option if you don’t have that kind of patience.

Walmart gives you a 90-day return policy, that is 3 months. 3 entire months, people! If that isn’t awesome, we don’t know what else is.

However, you must keep in mind that you cannot return your hoverboard to marketplace sellers.

4. Target

Compared to the first three options we listed, Target doesn’t have that wide selection of hoverboards, but you can always get one that suits your taste and fits your budget at your local Target store.

You may even find some new brands that are not so popular, but still up to par with their more popular competitors. This gives you the chance to stand out in the Hoverboard community if you are really big on uniqueness.

Target offers a 30-day return policy on hoverboards bought from their store. If you happen to be a Red card owner, you get an extra 30-days for return which makes it 60 days.

5. Jet

Jet is a subsidiary of Walmart, and obviously are not as big as other brands. However, they are a very great option if you really want to get your hoverboard.

They also have a wide range of accessories for your hoverboard, such as carrying bags, chargers, and so on.

Jet has the average 30-day return policy which isn’t a bad deal at all.


We know sometimes, it can be really tempting to go for substandard products with the lower price ranges.

However, we strongly recommend that you do no such thing because you will only end up being disappointed.

These lower-priced hoverboards are made with inferior components, such as batteries, which hinder their performance and overall quality. And if you are so unlucky, it could cause accidents while you are riding.

Therefore, we suggest that you carefully go through the list above again, weigh your options, and choose which one is more feasible for you.

All the platforms we listed today combined, there are thousands of high performance, quality hoverboard options to pick from for you to end up with something inauthentic and substandard.

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