What Are The Safest Hoverboards To Buy? — 9 Of The Best

As cool as moving around on a hoverboard is, the self-balancing scooter once posed a threat to human safety. That was in the not-so-distant past, the year 2016, to be precise. It appeared like there was a hoverboard exploding into flames on just about every street on social media. 

Substandard materials had been used in making the self-balancing scooters and this caused them to go up in flames when their batteries became charged to a certain point.

Because the usefulness of hoverboards has now been discovered, people were still willing to ride them as long as their safety could be guaranteed, at least to some extent.

This brought the new Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification for hoverboards as part of the safety standard to prevent fire outbreaks and personal injuries.

Hoverboards now have to go through a series of more than 150 tests to be deemed safe for use. In this article, we will take a look at some of the safest hoverboards available for you.

Safest Hoverboards To Buy –Comparison Table

HoverboardBrandMaximum Load WeightSpeedRangePrice CategoryRating
Halo Rover XHalo Board260 pounds10 miles per hour10 miles$447Overall Best
Razor Hovertrax 2.0Razor220 pounds8 miles per hour8 miles$325Overall Best Runner Up 
Swagtron T3Swagtron220 pounds8 miles per hour11 miles$250Best Value
GoTrax Hoverfly ECOGoTrax220 pounds7.4 miles per hour4 miles$100Best Budget-friendly For Beginners
Epikgo Classic Off-Road HoverboardEpikgo260 pounds10 miles per hour10 miles$600Best For All Terrains
Surfus S-classSurfus220 pounds6.2 miles per hour12 miles$400Best Splash-proof For Kids
Gyroor WarriorGyroor265 pounds9.95 miles per hour12 miles$300Best Off-Road
Swagtron Outlaw T6Swagtron420 pounds10 miles per hour12 miles$400Best High Capacity

The Safest Hoverboards To Buy 

1. Halo Rover X – Overall Best 

If you heard that this self-balancing scooter was pricey, read on to find that you will be getting impressive value for the price.

This hoverboard from Halo Board, a brand known for putting out some of the best hoverboards, comes with all the good stuff.

It comes with 8.5 inches indestructible never-flat tires, three training modes, an incredible build quality, Bluetooth speaker, amazing motor power, and a smartphone app to get our rating as the overall best, safest hoverboard.

Apart from the exciting features, this hoverboard ensures safety. To enable you to ride without any worry, the hoverboard and battery underwent a series of tests. The batteries are UL 2271 certified LG fire-safe batteries, and the hoverboard itself is UL 2272 certified.

Halo Board paid adequate attention to the design and construction of this hoverboard. The protective wings made with high-grade aluminum fitted into the hoverboard protects the body against common impacts.

The 8.5-inch indestructible never-flat tires on the Halo Rover X were designed for the harshest conditions and to get over obstacles that you may come across.

With these provisions, you are sure to ride to your destination safely regardless of the terrain. And all these, without putting your board at risk. This is indeed one of the best hoverboards out there.

Another interesting fact about the Halo Rover X is that it features dual independent motors that deliver an immense 800 watts of power.

The motor power will enable you to tackle any hill or terrain in your path, and climb steep inclinations of up to 20 degrees and still maintain a steady and smooth ride.

Besides, the hoverboard is IPX4 water-resistant. So, as you bound across all terrains, you have nothing to worry about if the clouds decide to release rain.

Whether you are off on an adventure or just commuting in an urban area, the Halo Rover X will serve you just fine. With a 400-watt motor in each of its two wheels, this hoverboard delivers an impressive speed of 10 mph, which is 3 miles more than what the average hoverboard provides.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed of enjoying up to 10 miles with one single charge of the battery. And this full charge can be achieved in about 2.5 hours.

And to help you get a grasp of things, this hoverboard provides three training modes for you to pick from. They are beginner, normal, and advanced. Enjoy your music on the go with the built-in Bluetooth speaker that boasts impressive volume and clarity. 

The Halo Rover X is both a powerhouse and a comfort hub as it takes all its impressive features and makes them operational from a mobile app.

You do not need to reach down to press any button to execute a function. You can do virtually everything from your smartphone. Anything including turning the hoverboard on and off, tracking your current speed, checking out your battery level.

You can even see how much distance you have covered with the aid of a map. Pretty impressive, right? Now, you can agree that the price is justified. Besides, it is not even the priciest hoverboard in the market. Just saying.

2. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – Overall Best Runner Up

Razor designed the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 to meet the safety standard while delivering the best features to you. This hoverboard is safe for everyone, both kids and adults.

It features two different riding modes that you can easily switch between. The training mode, which is suitable for beginners, puts a limit on the top speed this self-balancing scooter can reach so that you can learn how to ride well in a safe environment.

You can then switch to the normal ride to unlock the full potential of the hoverboard after you have been able to maintain your balance on the scooter.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 features Razor’s signature EverBalance Technology and pretty decent motors. Mounting this hoverboard is both easy and safe, thanks to its auto-levels.

EverBalance technology is an automatic self-balancing gyro-sensor technology that guarantees an even and super smooth ride.

The Hovertrax 2.0 also features silent dual motors that are pretty decent and guarantee really good performance. The maximum speed of this hoverboard is 8 miles per hour, which is not so amazing for us. But then, the pros outweigh the cons here.

This hoverboard from Razor has a long battery life that delivers in a single charge about sixty minutes of amazing riding experience. This brings it to about 8 miles per charge.

The hoverboard comes fitted with a 36 Volts lithium-ion LG battery pack. The battery pack is UL 2271 certified, and so, you can be sure that you are getting good battery quality. That means no worries with safety, to some extent.

Unlike some other hoverboards that can make battery replacement a herculean task, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 allows you to quickly switch batteries while you are on the go.

There is another feature added on this hoverboard to ensure your safety, and it has to do with the footpads. To make sure that you have a safe grip on the board, Razor fitted this self-balancing scooter with non-slip rubber footpads.

Every rider deserves to be safe. That is another reason the hoverboard comes with blue LED light bars to help with illumination when you take it out at night.

You do not have to worry so much about wear and tear as the frame of this hoverboard is made with steel and shatter-resistant polymer, and the tires are made of rubber with aluminum hubs.

And while you need to be safe, you need to love the way your ride looks. The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has a sleek body and is available in many colors for your pleasure. And we have to point out that it is also UL 2272 certified.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Bundle with Helmet and Charger

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3. Swagtron T3 – Best Value

Ths Swagtron T3 gets our rating as the safest hoverboard with the best value because it offers the best features, is incredibly safe, and comes at a reasonable price. You will not need to trade an arm and a leg for this one.

Swagtron is known to be among the brands that deliver the best hoverboards in the market.

Swagtron T3 was the first hoverboard to become UL 2272 certified after a battery of tests under the strict new requirements. It is, therefore, not a surprise that this hoverboard was designed with safety in mind.

The SentryShield multilayer battery of the hoverboard offers advanced protection from fire. Also, the battery is contained within an aluminum case that is both fire-proof and damage-proof.

The Battery Management System (BMS) featured in this hoverboard monitors and protects against overheating, overcharging, overcurrent, and short-circuiting.

The frame of the hoverboard is made of polycarbonate, and together with the wider, non-slip pedals which allow you to make swift turns without falling off, is fire-retardant, guaranteeing you enhanced safety levels. It also comes with rubber bumpers that help to protect the outer shell from scratching and scuffing.

Swagtron T3 has a self-balancing system built into it that allows you easily maneuver and accelerate on inclined planes and rough terrains.

The hoverboard also features a learning mode that allows beginners to learn how to ride it safely and securely. The motor guarantees quick learning and a comfortable ride as well.

Effortless riding is made available in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. It does not offer so much in speed, as the maximum speed of this hoverboard is 8 miles per hour.

However, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for with the premium features it has. Its SentryShield multi-layer lithium-ion battery takes an hour to get a full charge which lasts for three amazing hours.

This hoverboard has quad Bluetooth speakers that deliver music-on-the-go with optimum sound quality. As soon as the hoverboard is turned on, it becomes discoverable, so that any Bluetooth-ready device can easily connect to it.

It also features SwagTron LED lights that act as movement indicators to illuminate your journeys when the day is over and night is drawing nigh.

With this hoverboard, your adventures do not have to be restricted to daytime, as the energy-efficient lights will light your path. The battery indicator lights ensure that you know when your board is on and how much power is left. 

The major upgrades on this hoverboard as absent from the predecessor Swagtron T1 are the SwagTron mobile app and the built-in carry strap.

With the mobile app, you can track your journey history, monitor your battery usage, and select your riding mode with a swift tap of your finger.

The built-in carry strap allows you to conveniently carry your hoverboard when needed. You can step out in a ride that matches your personality by picking from a variety of color combinations including white, black, blue, red, gold, and pink.

Swagtron T3 Version 2 Hands Free Smart Board, Pink, One Size

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4. GoTrax Hoverfly ECO – Best Budget-Friendly For Beginners

This incredibly affordable hoverboard is especially perfect for beginners and kids. It provides an easy learning experience for riders.

If you need a hoverboard for only short and fun trips within urban areas, where the terrain is smooth, then the GoTrax Hoverfly ECO will suit your needs. This is one of the safest hoverboards available in the market.

GoTrax is a brand that factors in safety into every product. Their hoverboards are not the fastest, but you will find the safest in their factories.

The Hoverfly ECO, like other GoTrax products, is UL safety certified and has been tested to function against various kinds of common issues, so that the board, battery, and charger meet all the safety requirements.

In low-light conditions, you can ride safely as the two LED lights in the front of this hoverboard improve visibility. And guess what? The lights change color as you move along.

This hoverboard delivers a maximum speed of 7.4 miles per hour, which is not bad for a scooter of its price category.

While it takes between three to four hours to get a full charge, it lasts just about 4 miles on that single charge. This means it is not ideal for long trips as the power stored might not last for long distances.

Remember that it is majorly for kids and beginners, the drawbacks can be pardonable. 

It is made with premium materials and has a maximum load weight of 220 pounds and a minimum of 44 pounds. The 6.5 inches wheels on this hoverboard provide it with a firm grip on most surfaces.

Please note that this self-balancing scooter will not work on all terrains, especially off-road and bumpy terrains. However, it will be great for transportation in urban areas.

The GoTrax Hoverfly ECO has a neat-looking exterior and is available in seven different colorways that are a super kid-friendly Galaxy colorway, black, teal, purple, green, red, and pink.

Except that it does not come with a smartphone app integration, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and it offers a small range for 3 hours of charging time, this hoverboard offers great value for its price and is also very resourceful for beginners and kids.

5. Epikgo Classic Off-Road Hoverboard – Best For All Terrains

If your adventure takes you off-road, then this is one of the safest hoverboards for you.

With the solid rubber, all-terrain tires on this hoverboard, you can move smoothly on all types of terrain, maintaining the same grip and control on tar as on grass, sand, mud, or even gravel, and more. The large wheels of 8.5 inches ride smoothly over uneven surfaces and make it convenient for you to switch on the road and off-road. 

While an average hoverboard has about 200-watt motors powering it, the Epikgo Classic comes with 400-watt motors powering both its wheels, offering two times the power of a regular hoverboard.

With such powerful motors, you can climb very steep inclinations of up to 18 degrees and not lose your balance. If you are willing to go all out for an adventure, safety should be a top priority. And so it is for the team at Epikgo. 

To deliver a safe, premium off-road experience each time, this hoverboard has undergone and passed more than 150 rigorous safety tests to achieve an IP65 waterproof rating and become UL 2272 certified for electrical and fire safety.

The IP56 waterproof certification guarantees that the electrical components will be unaffected by water when it comes in direct contact with the board. This makes it extremely safe to use the hoverboard during rainy weather.

Besides, this board features impressively bright energy-saving LED lights and side panels that allow you to be seen during those late-night rides.

While riding in the dark, the pavement can be well lit up by the light on the front side. And pedestrians and cyclists behind you can be alerted by the bright light at the back of the hoverboard. It can also serve as a turning signal. Extra check on safety.

Although it does not come with built-in Bluetooth speakers, this hoverboard has an eye-catching design that makes you look forward to getting it outdoors.

The wheels are tastefully designed and the board comes in an intriguing color palette. But before taking this high-power hoverboard out, you will need to know how long it can stay functional out there.

As already mentioned, the Epikgo Classic offers you 10 mph with a range of 10 miles. And it comes with fast charging of one to two hours.

6. Surfus S-Class – Best Splash-Proof For Kids

The Surfus S-class is our best splash-proof hoverboard for kids. Splash-proof because it has an IP34 certification, which means that the hoverboard has been tested and found to come off with no damage after being subjected to splashes, such as rain droplets.

The certification also means that you cannot rule out possible damage when you submerge it in water, so, it does not get the tag ‘water-proof’.

Surfus S-class delivers a maximum speed of 6.2 miles per hour, which is rather slow for most people, but perfect for kids and the elderly as it ensures their safety.

In addition to safety, the low speed also helps to conserve the battery power enabling it to go up to 12 miles on one single battery charge. Most of the hoverboards in the market fall short in this regard, offering about 3 miles less.

It is the extra mileage that makes us overlook the fact that it takes between 2 and 3 hours of charging this hoverboard’s lithium-ion battery to achieve a full charge.

Seeing as the industry considers only hoverboards that are UL 2272 certified as the safest, you can rest assured that the Surfus S-class is extremely safe. It has additional UL 2271 and UL 60950-1 certifications to prove that.

The hoverboard features non-slip foot pads which allow to maneuver tight corners while eliminating any fear of slipping off. You only have to get a good balance on the board while it is in motion.

A user manual is included in the shipping package to help you with balancing. Also, the hoverboard’s self-balancing technology that uses a foot sensor, makes it super easy to direct the hoverboard when you first step on it. 

The presence of 6.5-inch wheels makes this hoverboard properly suited for smooth sidewalks and indoors, as these wheels will not fare well on rocks and pieces of gravel.

The dual motors with 250 watts power will allow you to mount slopes and steep inclines of up to 15 degrees and still enjoy a smooth riding experience.

In the night time, you have no reason to worry about being visible to oncoming traffic, as the eye-blinding LED lights on the Surfus S-class hoverboard will make sure that you are well seen. 

Although most manufacturers give their hoverboards an outer shell made of aluminum, this Surfus hoverboard has an outer shell of plastic.

While you can be sure of its durability, you can, however, also be sure that there will be scratches on its surface. And you will need to be extra careful to avoid frequent collisions with anything.

If this hoverboard is what works for you, be sure to purchase any of the protective outer shells and skins available in the market. 

7. Gyroor Warrior – Best Off-Road

This is the real ‘tough guy’ of the entire mix. Everything about this self-balancing scooter exudes strength and makes it ready for that off-road adventure.

The massive 8.5-inch tires made of solid rubber will take you wherever the road leads and beyond, whether it is dry, wet, grassy, stony, or muddy.

The Gyroor Warrior is not among the inexpensive hoverboards, but it gives amazing value for your money.

The dual 350 watts motors can take you up slopes and inclines of up an incredible 30 degrees with ease, which is up to two times more than what most hoverboards offer.

With this amount of power, it still provides a top speed of 9.95 miles per hour, which says a lot for an off-road hoverboard.

And just because it is called an off-road hoverboard does not mean you cannot use it in the urban centers. It just means the terrain cannot stop your move.

What is more? The Gyroor Warrior can take a weight of up to 265 pounds. And that is indeed massive!

Whether you are a pro with hoverboards or a beginner, you can comfortably ride on the Gyroor Warrior. Its self-balancing technology helps you get your balance in good time to enjoy a comfortable ride.

While you are on the go, you can enjoy the latest vibes from the built-in Pro 4.0 Bluetooth speaker controlled from your smartphone with the Gyroor app.

Much more than letting you control the functions of your hoverboard, you get to customize the hoverboard to match your mood, whether red or blue.

The mobile app also lets you switch from adult mode to kid mode and vice versa as the occasion demands. This way, everyone can enjoy a comfortable and safe ride. The LED lights can also be controlled through the app ensuring your safety during night rides.

Talking about safety, as hinted already, the Gyroor Warrior is designed to serve riders of different ages.

Being cool and all, it will be almost impossible to get kids not to crave a ride. You can oblige them by just switching to the appropriate ride mode and allowing them to have fun.

The hoverboard has been made to go through a series of electrical and safety tests to confirm that it is deemed safe for your use. Gyroor Warrior is UL 2272 certified eliminating fears associated with fire hazards and overcharging issues.

The battery takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to achieve a full charge, which is pretty impressive since it means you can return to having fun sooner than some other hoverboards allow.

And it comes with a great battery life that allows you to cover a distance of 12 miles with one single full charge. Talk about more fun.

8. Swagtron Outlaw T6 – Best High Capacity

The Swagtron Outlaw T6 is different shades of awesome. It has a good battery charging time, good battery life, great speed, and an amazing range.

But what stands out most for is the high capacity of this hoverboard. It can take a maximum load of 420 pounds, topping all other hoverboards on this list.

Its frame made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic and aluminum guarantees that it provides this support. It also comes with wider foot pedals than some other hoverboards.

The Swagtron Outlaw features three riding modes, namely Learning mode, Standard mode, and Advanced mode.

With the Learning mode, you can learn on the ride at an adequate speed so that accidents that come with learners riding at top speed are averted.

The speed is opened up when you switch to the Standard mode, and you have more control over the board’s direction and can easily engage top speed in the Advanced mode.

Its maximum speed is 10 mph which is perfect for a cruise through town as it provides enough battery for the return trip home.

You have almost nothing to worry about in this regard as a single full battery charge that takes between 2 and 3 hours is enough to cover 12 miles.

An issue will only arise if you intend to blast your music all through the ride as turning on the Bluetooth has been known to drain this hoverboard’s power. But we are sure you can work your way around the music playing.

The Outlaw’s 300-watt dual-motor system enables it to maintain such top speed for a long time without overheating or disturbing the entire neighborhood with its loud sound.

It is also the massive motors that powers it to scale inclines of 30 degrees on any terrain. A look at the treads of the wheels will convince you that going through mud or wet ground with ease will pose no issue whatsoever. 

The batteries are against overheating by the SentryShield casings they are contained within. As the hoverboard is UL 2272 certified, you are guaranteed that it will pose no fire hazards. This is as long as it is carefully maintained following the instructions in the user’s manual.

Also, its IPX4 rating guarantees that no harm will come to the board when it comes to contact with drops of water.


Having seen our list of the safest hoverboards to buy, you might be interested in knowing how we chose from all the other safe options available.

We will get right to that. But first, we have to point out that you will need to go with an item that works for you and fits your budget.

That said, our choice was based on the following:

  • Safety features including being UL 2272 certified
  • Maximum speed
  • Available range
  • Battery charge time
  • Ease of use
  • Maximum weight limit
  • Additional features

Those are the things we looked out for when curating our list, and we advise that you also look out for them before purchasing your next hoverboard. Remember to always put safety first!

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