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How To Sell A Hoverboard — 5 Easy Steps

There is no reason why selling your hoverboard shouldn’t be an easy ride for you, although it calls for patience and planning.

Whether as a manufacturer or an individual, knowing the value of your product, your market, and defining how to reach the market are all dummy tips in sales masterclass.

Selling a hoverboard doesn’t necessarily come with such marketing hassles that could be based on convincing potential buyers why the gadget is a good one for them.

Finding the best way to tell prospective buyers why buying from you is not a bad idea might be the most important learning to unearth instead.

This article explains a step by step approach to how you can sell your hoverboard.

Step 1: Keep In Good Shape

The assumption here is that you are not particularly selling a brand new hoverboard, but perhaps one that you have used for a while in the past.

You have to clean and wax, if surface-friendly for that. Ensure that what you are selling is in good shape and there are no electrical fixes that are being overlooked.

This is not just about the charger or battery or main board, but every single part; even the pressure pads that potential buyers will stand on.

Having your hoverboard in the right shape will also allow you fix the right asking price on it. Otherwise, you have to cheat yourself out of the value you place on it. 

Keeping your hoverboard in good shape also means ensuring it is not a potential liability to prospective buyers. Hoverboards were subject of electrical faults for many years and it led to thousands of the item’s units being recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

That saga led to quite a lot of users having injuries, with some hoverboards developing battery problems, exploding and then catching fire, and quite a number of properties were damaged, too.

You will be doing well by not adding to the number by ensuring that your hoverboard is certified for use. Hoverboards that are safe are expected to be UL2272 Certified. You can ensure that is so.

Step 2: Put Your Honest Foot Forward

If step 1 rather sounds more like what you would only do for yourself if it were a precursor to keeping the hoverboard for yourself in the long run, you might want to be honest about whatever is wrong when putting it out to the public.

You don’t need to lie or cheat anyone to sell off your hoverboard. That would not only be dishonest, it could be seen — and rightly so — as fraudulent.

If your hoverboard has minor scratches, you might still be able to get value for it by being upfront on its very state.

Rather than resell to individuals, there are tons of companies and electrical workshops that buy hoverboards that are both working and broken. You have nothing to lose there since a badly shaped or broken hoverboard is most likely to be trashed if not sold to them. 

Step 3: Research Current Value

The value of your research is central to the value you will derive from your sales. Understanding the current hoverboard’s market valuation can help you cap your asking price at a reasonable ask.

Suffice to say, researching about the market cost of the specific brand and inch-wheeler you are putting out is equally important. If you know the current market cost, you can easily compare it with your estimated value of your hoverboard and use it to determine what your selling price would be.

Step 4: Determine Asking Price

The consequence of the previous step is to determine how much your hoverboard will sell for.

There are, no doubt, other factors that drive what your asking price would be. For example, what kind of hoverboard are you selling exactly? Does it have any distinguishing merit? Who is your target market; are you selling to tourists in your vicinity or young riders with trendy impulses? These and many more could impact what you sell your hoverboard for. 

Step 5: Decide Your Selling Platform

You have to consider the smartest, safest, and most lucrative way to get your hoverboard sold at your own convenience and estimated value.

There are auction sites online where you can list your hoverboards. Online shopping sites that are popular for auctions or consumer-to-consumer sales also give opportunities for shipment. Specifying that could also widen your target market.

That said, if your hoverboard is heavy — as many of such products are — shipping cost will also shoot up and that could affect who buys.

In such circumstance, you can do random ads on social media and hashtag location to draw traction. You might want to choose an open space for trade for safety reasons rather than inviting a buyer to your home.

In addition, if you have bulk and your hoverboards are mostly new, you can set up creative marketing strategies to sell to locals within your community.

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