What Is A Hoverboard?

How To Pair Your Hoverboard’s Bluetooth To Your Devices

One of the ways that the hover board has improved on its amazing features is through incorporating pairing features with devices, enabling users to play music from their apps and hear them over their hoverboard’s speakers.

Now, the improvement that many of these hoverboards share has been about adding a new cool to the device.

Hoverboards have improved features like Bluetooth connection, LED lighting, detachable batteries, all-terrain tires, with some boards being waterproof, amongst other additions.

The hoverboard’s Bluetooth feature comes with very high-quality sound which amplifies the user experience of riders who might prefer this to plugging their ears with headsets

What Are Hoverboards?

Hoverboards are defined as electric, two-wheeler, self-balancing, and self-driven scooters that are both indoor and outdoor devices used for fun and as means of transportation in some cases.

Though perceived, in some degree, as toys for personal mobility, they are driven by riders who tilt them by their body movement to where they want them to go.

Every hoverboard device has, as its basic components, a logic board, gyroscope, battery pack and its charger, the inch-wheelers and the pressure pad.

In addition to years of revision and growing popular interests, the hoverboard device has had to add some enabled features to give a more rounded experience to users; features like the Bluetooth option and others mentioned above.

The significance of the Bluetooth feature has been argued to be of extreme value to security enhancement of your hoverboard. Consider that one of the merits of having the Bluetooth device.

There are not much clear security features that allow you to be reliably calm about your hoverboard’s safety.

The Bluetooth feature can snowball into a broader security enhancement plan for the personalization of hoverboards which ensures that only the owner of the hoverboard, with a device-based control system and knit proximity to the device, can have access to it.

Beyond the security-based, argument, Bluetooth currently offers a lot more for users who want their devices synced with their hoverboards. 

To use a feature like the Bluetooth, therefore, there are certain factors that must be factored into the compatibility of your hoverboard with other personal devices. 

Device Compatibility 

It is important that before you start thinking of pairing your devices with your hoverboard’s Bluetooth, you need to be sure if they have compatibility.

Many times, people pass that over and find difficulty in pairing when they buy their devices. Ensure that you check your hoverboard’s specifications and be sure it is indeed compatible with the features of your device.

The essence of the Bluetooth is mainly to help you have a finger-tip oversight and control of your hoverboard. That is indeed defeated if the hoverboard you bought cannot be connected to your device.

With improvements in the Android device, that looks most unlikely, but any device with an Android 5 or 6 upward are perfectly placed to achieve compatibility. 

Pairing Your Hoverboard’s Bluetooth With Android

Step One:

Put on your hoverboard device if it isn’t on and turn on the ‘Bluetooth’ feature. You will likely hear a tonal sound of the connection when it comes on.

Step Two:

Get your phone and on your Android, find the ‘Settings’ option and open the feature.

Step Three:

Find the Bluetooth feature and put it on. Understand that your Bluetooth only becomes accessible to other devices when it is on. 

Step Four:

The enabled Bluetooth feature gives you a list of nearby Bluetooth devices to connect to.

Select the Bluetooth device that is named after your hoverboard. It could be your hoverboard’s name or simply appear as ‘Bluetooth’.

Step Five:

After that, follow the instructions of your Android device that appears on your screen to sync the device with your Android.

Step Six:

Just open the music app feature(s) on your Android phone and click on the play button to hear the sounds via your hoverboard’s speaker. 

Pairing Hoverboard’s Bluetooth With iPhone

Step One:

As with every device, you need to turn on the Bluetooth feature on your hoverboard.

Step Two:

Go to your iPhone and open the ‘Settings’ feature.

Step Three:

On the phone’s Settings feature, select the Bluetooth feature option.

Step Four:

When you select the Bluetooth option, you would see a list of other Bluetooth enabled devices if they are on.

Select the one with your hoverboard name, mostly like the brand’s. If the feature doesn’t give you that, it could just show as Bluetooth as it is wont with some hoverboards.

Perhaps your hoverboard doesn’t show at this point, kindly refresh the process and wait for a little while as the phone picks up the hoverboard’s Bluetooth device.

Step Five:

At this point, you will see a breakdown of instructions on your iPhone’s screen, follow them and sync the phone device with your hoverboard.

You will most likely hear a notification sound when this happens, but this is brand specific. Aside the sound, you will most likely see link sharing sign that tells you if your devices are now connected to each other.

Step Six:

You can now go to iTunes or Spotify or any other music app on your iPhone and play music. It will be amplified by your hoverboard’s in-built speaker.

Pairing Hoverboard’s Bluetooth With Your Laptop

The step by step approach we provided for mobile devices above can be replicated for your laptop device. Make sure you turn on your Bluetooth on your laptop device from the menu bar options.

The laptop device leads you to the ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ feature. You will see the ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’ option. Click on it and add your hoverboard to the ‘Other devices’ that are attached to the feature.

Once you see your hoverboard brand of a new device discovered, click to pair your laptop with the hoverboard. Once the pairing shows up as paired, you can start playing your audio-connected files from the laptop from any of the windows applications. 

What About The Battery?

That’s a legitimate concern. Predictably, due to the use of your hoverboard with your personal device, your battery decreases rather fast if you are riding the device and playing music from the speakers at the same time.

You have to define the limit of distance your hoverboard can go with the impact of music playing on it or other use.

To keep the battery fully active, you could close or sleep applications that are opened on your devices that are not pressingly useful.

In addition, there are hoverboard brands or models that have better battery life and are more perfect connect value for Bluetooth speakers on your devices. 

Possible Bluetooth Connection Challenges

In case of times where it is somewhat difficult for you to establish a connection between your hoverboard and your devices, you can take the following actions:

1. Ensure that the devices are within visible distance of each other. Bluetooth connection signals are only strong to the degree that paired devices are close to one another.

2. As referenced earlier, read the instructions and feature breakdown of your hoverboard to be sure that it shares compatibility with your device.

Also, it is possible that there could be some iPhone’s that are not new versions which could have difficulty in connecting with the hoverboard.

3. If there are possibly many, functional Bluetooth devices around you, you can put them all off if you have control over them. Establish a single source of connection between your device and hoverboard alone and try again.

4. If you read some reviewer’s experiences online, you will notice that people have had difficulty connecting at some point where there is Wi-Fi router interfering with the Bluetooth.

In this case, pair your device away from your wireless connection, give a considerable distance, too, and try again. 

5. If at any point you notice disconnection, check if the hoverboard is charged. It might not be a huge minus, but it is a possible, dismissive one. So, check your hoverboard and ensure it is fully and correctly charged.

6. If everything else fails after other checks and boxes have been ticked, contact your device manufacturer. 


There will always be a prioritization of the design quality of your hoverboards, starting from the longevity of the battery to surface quality hacks, among other things.

Bluetooth connectivity to your devices is quite easy and straightforward and, in any way, or at any time; when or where that looks difficult, revert to following the step by step guidelines and potential reasons it could be so and sort it out.

Don’t forget that having an opportunity to enjoy your devices with hoverboard’s in-built speakers through Bluetooth is a good one if you love your music on the move. 

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