How To Fix A Hoverboard — 9 Common Problems And Their Easy Fixes

If it’s not broken, then it doesn’t need to be fixed. So, what if it’s broken? Well, you will first need to know what part is broken to fix it. It’s like going to the doctor and telling her that you don’t feel well. The first thing she’ll want to know is what part of your body hurts. 

Just like the human body, your hoverboard will need fixing from time to time. The extent of hoverboard repair will depend on what part is affected.

In this article, we take a look at some of the possible things that could go wrong with your hoverboard and how to fix them.

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Common Hoverboard Problems

Several things could go wrong with your gadget warranting a hoverboard repair. These common problems include the following:

1. A Wet Hoverboard

No matter how much we try to avoid it, somehow our electronic gadgets and water find a way to mingle. Looks like there’s some form of attraction between the two. So, if your hoverboard gets wet, what should you do?

  • First, shut the hoverboard off so you can take out the two most important components, which are the motherboard and the battery. 
  • If the motherboard is drenched, you can try the rice trick on it, just like you do with wet smartphones. Simply bury the entire hoverboard in a large bucket or bowl of raw rice till it is completely dry.
  • If the hoverboard was exposed to unclean water, it is necessary to disassemble the gadget completely. Then, using Q-tips, clean the motherboard with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will eliminate all the filth stuck in the motherboard.
  • After checking out the motherboard, you need to examine the battery. Depending on how much water got into the battery, there might be some chance of salvaging it. Like with the motherboard, do the rice trick on the battery. Bury the battery in a bowl of raw rice for some days, and put it back into the hoverboard to see if it will work.
  • The other components of your hoverboard are not to be left out. Use a paper towel or soft cloth to gently clean the other parts, including the tips of the cables. Before reassembling the gadget, leave the chassis of the hoverboard open and empty for about a day to ensure that all the water evaporates.

2. Charging Problems

When the light that appears on your charger is red when you plug it into your self balancing scooter, it means that your gadget is charging correctly. After about three hours of charging, a green light should appear on the charger indicating that your gadget’s battery is full, and there is no need to charge it further. 

However, it is common to find people experiencing one charging difficulty or the other with their hoverboard. It is either it is a no-charge issue or a slow-charge issue. Let us look at the different scenarios and how to solve the problems.

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Hoverboard Won’t Charge?

  • If the hoverboard battery won’t charge but the charger shows red, simply keep charging it for about three hours. After that, you can ride your hoverboard again.
  • Sometimes, the charger’s green indicator light stays on but your hoverboard cannot be ridden. Instead when you turn it on, red appears and a beeping sound is heard. This indicates that you have a bad or malfunctioning battery, and so, buying a new battery to replace it is the way to fix this.
  • When your hoverboard will not come on without the charger being plugged in, it shows that you have a battery problem. Another indicator is if the hoverboard shows an orange light immediately it is switched on. The way to fix this is to get a new battery into your hoverboard.
  • If your charger shows no light at all, you need to make sure that the plug and charging port are correctly matched. Then, you will need to check the electrical outlet to see if it has power. You can plug it to your mobile phone or laptop to do this. In a situation where the outlet is still working well, you will need to get a new charger as the current one you are using is broken. 

Also, a loose charging socket can cause the charger to show no light at all. Simply open the back cover in the charging port section, unplug, and then plug all the wires once again. After this, try the charger again to see if it works. 

A broken charging port can also cause the charger to show no light. You can get a new one and learn to replace it by yourself.

Hoverboard Charges Slowly?

If your hover board is charging slowly, then it means either the charger you are using is not compatible with it or the temperature conditions in the room are not right. 

  • Take a look at the product description to be sure that you are using an original charger. You can contact the seller for further assistance with the charger.
  • Make sure that the hover board is being charged in a room with an ideal temperature.

3. Improper Balancing

There are many possible reasons why your hover board is not balancing properly. 

  • One reason could be that the gadget is in the self balancing mode. To fix this, simply take your hoverboard to a flat surface and ensure that both your feet are touching the pedals for an easier detection that will right the balance.
  • Another reason could be that the device is uncalibrated. So, a recalibration should fix this problem.
  • Disconnected wires can cause the hover board to not balance well. To fix this, open the board and reconnect all the wires. That’s it.
  • Damaged gyroscopes can also contribute to the imbalance issue. Replacing the gyroscopes might help fix the problem.

4. Recalibration Issue

Since calibration is majorly a software reset, when it doesn’t work, the problem will be a hardware issue.

Most of the time, replacing the hardware problem parts fixes the calibration issue. You need to simply turn the hoverboard upside down, unscrew the lids, gently pull off the lids, and replace all the circuit boards with new ones. At other times, replacing the motors of the hoverboard is the quick fix.

5. Pressure Sensor Problem

Another common problem with hoverboards is a problem with the pressure sensor. If your hoverboard is unable to detect when you step onto it, then it is due to a problem with the pressure sensor. To fix this, follow the steps below:

  • Put the hoverboard upside down and unscrew the board to examine the pressure sensor, which is usually located near the wheel.
  • Step on the board to see two little wings join as the board starts detecting you.
  • Buy a new sensor if the board still doesn’t detect you.
  • Then simply pull the plugs, unscrew it, and put it into the hoverboard. Let the rubber nipples be aligned right. After this, turn the hoverboard on to see the problem solved.

6. Stuck Pads

This usually happens when the hoverboard fails to sense you, and so, doesn’t work well. This problem has a simple fix.

  • Switch off the hoverboard.
  • Push the pads and let go to see if they can get back in place.
  • If it proved abortive, remove the lower plastic case and reposition the pads from the hoverboard’s interior.

7. One-sided Malfunction

Most times when one side of your hoverboard is not working, it is as a result of a faulty gyroscope. While replacing the gyroscope is a fairly easy task, it is important to get a perfect replacement. 

You will first need to find out whether the gyroscope is male or female. A male gyroscope has two receiving ports and a wire harness, while a female gyroscope has more than two receiving ports without a wire harness. 

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8. Violent Vibration When Dismounting

If your hoverboard spins in circles or shakes out of control whenever you step off it, there are two ways to fix the issue.

Please note that under the rubber pads is an air pocket. Usually, when you press the rubber pads, you can easily hear a distinct sound coming from it.

Method 1

  • Switch off the board, flip it upside down and take off the back cover from the side giving the problem.
  • Remove everything until you see what looks like a little lip of plastic just under the plastic casing.
  • Slit the little lip of plastic with a small knife to allow the air release. 
  • Return everything to their rightful place, screw the board, and turn it back on.

Method 2

  • Instead of going through all the trouble of removing all the board’s components, just take a pen and poke holes in the rubber pads. This will allow the little lip of plastic to release air. 

As simple as this method is, you have to do it with extreme care and light pressure so that you don’t end up causing damage to other parts of the hoverboard.

9. Red Light Error 

When it comes to electronic gadgets, the color red almost always means danger. It is no different with the hoverboard. When we see a red light flashing, we are certain that there is an issue somewhere.

  • If the red light flashes once, there is likely a loose cable somewhere in the hoverboard. Unscrewing the hoverboard from below and tightening the offending cable with a screwdriver easily fixes this. However, if you cannot locate the loose cable or wire, you need to disconnect and reconnect all the wires.
  • If the red light blinks twice or thrice, it is likely due to an internal circuit issue. This is a big problem that thankfully has a solution. You need to purchase a circuit board replacement kit for hoverboards and then follow the directions mentioned there to carry out a proper replacement.
  • If it blinks four or five times, then it is an indicator that you need to replace the hoverboard’s motor.
  • The light blinking six times indicates that there is a need for battery replacement.
  • When it blinks seven or eight times, replacing the gyroscopes is the needed fix. 

Having learned how to fix a hoverboard, be sure to do your best to ensure that your hoverboard is properly maintained. Do not put your board under dire conditions just to try out the tips contained in this article.

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