How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last?

Hoverboards have become recreational and utility items that are now used by many. Considering this was once considered a Hollywood science fiction item, when it made its debut in the movie “Back to the Future”, this is actually very impressive.

Of course the hoverboards of today don’t actually “hover”, they still have that alien-tech look about them. It’s probably part of the appeal that is associated with it.

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Hoverboard Batteries

Hoverboards are powered by batteries. In most cases, these batteries are Lithium Ion batteries. This means that they are more eco-friendly than most other transport alternatives.

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In fact, using your hoverboard to commute to work everyday might even be more cost effective than driving or taking a train.

It costs absolutely nothing to charge your hoverboard, so, think about how much you save everyday. Well, we are not here to convince you to ride a hoverboard to work or school, but trust us, it is not a bad idea at all.

The ecofriendly technology, however, could be one of the drawbacks of the hoverboard.

If you are actually going to use your hoverboard for serious transportation — like commuting to work or school — then you must be able to rely on the hoverboard batteries.

Admittedly, the hoverboard battery life is one of the major concerns of prospective hoverboard owners. They simply what to know; how long does a hoverboard battery last after a full charge?

It’s a good question to ask. It also points to the need to know about the battery life of your hoverboard before your buy it.

The battery life of a hoverboard typically depends on the model of the hoverboard.

Home hoverboard batteries last up to three hours after one charge, while some start to give low battery warnings within an hour.

However, under average conditions, hoverboard batteries can last for between 8 – 20 miles riding range after one charge. This is roughly about 1-4 hours of active use.

This is however dependent on factors such as weight of the rider, speed of travel, and the model of the hoverboard.

Factors That Affect Hoverboard Battery Life 

Now, like we just mentioned, how long your hoverboard’s battery lasts is largely dependent on a number of factors.

So, it is very possible that you and your buddy charged your individual hoverboards till full charge but yours went dead before his.

What are those factors?

1. Weight

The weight of the rider has a direct effect on the power required to move the hoverboard.

This, in turn, affects the load on the battery, and consequently, the hoverboard battery life.

2. Speed

Intuitively, the faster you ride a hoverboard, the more power is required. The high load on the battery has an adverse effect on its lifespan.

Basically, going slowly allows the battery last longer than going on the topmost speed.

3. Terrain

Rough surfaces and steep inclines require more power from the hoverboard.

This puts more load on the battery, and as you must have guessed, has an adverse effect on the battery life.

It is, therefore, advisable to use hoverboards in relatively smooth and flat terrains if you want the battery to last for a long time.

4. Weather Conditions

You probably couldn’t guess this one. Hotter conditions make batteries drain faster.

Very cold conditions are not favorable for hoverboard batteries either. 

So, you can say it is safe to ride your hoverboard when the temperature is cool and friendly. So, don’t be very surprised if your hoverboard’s battery stays for longer during springtime.

5. Handling

Just like any other electric equipment, your handling definitely has an effect on battery life.

Rough handling hoverboards — especially during use — can greatly deplete the battery life or even completely damage the hoverboard battery.

So, now that you know what kills the battery, it is only fair that we also tell you how to make it last for longer.

How to Make your Hoverboard Battery Last

There are tips you follow to help your hoverboard battery last. However, be aware that all batteries eventually wear out, no matter how good.

Even with the best of care, battery life and battery capacity naturally deplete with time.

Anyways, here are a few tips to keep in mind to enable your hoverboard battery last.

1. Do Not Overcharge

Try not to let the battery charge for too long. Once your hoverboard has a full battery, remove the charger from the socket immediately. Overcharging your hoverboard battery cause damage to it in the long run.

Supervise the charging of your hoverboard, and avoid charging it overnight, when it cannot be effectively supervised.

2. Charge Regularly

Charge your hoverboard battery to full capacity as often as you can. Poorly charged batteries do not last long.

Also, frequently using the hoverboard without a full battery reduces the battery capacity overtime.

3. Avoid Completely Draining the Battery

Once the battery indicator on your hoverboard shows that the battery is getting low, proceed straightaway to charge it.

Allowing the battery to completely drain out has an adverse effect on the lifespan of the battery. It could hamper performance.

It is advisable to carry your charger with you always to charge the hoverboard regularly and prevent it from draining out.

4. Use Only Original Battery Chargers

Always use the original charger that came with the hoverboard to charge your batteries. If you ever need to get a replacement charger, make sure you purchase one from an authentic source, or legit stores where hoverboards are sold.

Counterfeit chargers can seriously reduce battery life, and even damage it in the long run. If the original charger you have becomes faulty, discontinue using it and get a replacement. Faulty chargers are just as bad as inauthentic ones.

If you get a replacement charger, be sure to check that the specifications are compatible with the hoverboard battery requirement. A mismatch of charger specifications and hoverboard batteries could be dangerous. 

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Replacing a Hoverboard Battery

As earlier said, batteries eventually wear out over time. In the event you need to replace your hoverboard battery, consider the following:

  • Firstly, know when your battery needs to be replaced. If you notice a drastic fall in performance, immediately consider replacing your battery. Also, do not stall in replacing the batteries. Bad batteries might damage the hoverboard or other components in it. 
  • Ensure that your replacement battery is also UL 2272 certified. This ensures that the replacement battery is safe and will not be a hazard to the user and those around him. This also guards against buying substandard batteries that could lead to dangerous explosions. 
  • Buy replacement batteries from trusted sources only. As much as possible, try to buy a replacement battery from the manufacturer of the hoverboard. They are in the best position to supply a battery that is compatible with the hoverboard they designed. 
  • Finally, make sure to confirm that the replacement battery is compatible with your hoverboard and compatible with the battery charger. Be aware of the battery input rating of your hoverboard, and the output rating of your battery. A mismatch could be dangerous. 

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