Hoverboard Vibrating/Shaking [How To Fix]

Hoverboard Vibrating/Shaking [How To Fix]

Different things can cause your hoverboard to vibrate or shake. This article will help you identify and solve the problem.

Hoverboard Vibrating On One Side – – Why?

If your hoverboard vibrates on one side the problem could be that you didn’t put enough on that side of the hoverboard. Try putting more weight on the hoverboard and see what happens.

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How To Fix A Hoverboard From Shaking

To stop your hoverboard from shaking, follow these easy steps . . .

Step 1. Open up the side of the hoverboard that shakes with a Phillips screwdriver and then take the cover off.

Step 2. Unscrew the black box that holds the gyroscope and you will see two black rubber tips inside.

Step 3. Use a pair of scissors to cut off a little bit from the two rubber tips.

Step 4. Reassemble the hoverboard.

Step 5. Put the hoverboard on and check if it has stopped vibrating.

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