Hoverboard Bluetooth [How To, Issues & Solutions]

Hoverboard Bluetooth [How To, Issues & Solutions]

Does your hoverboard bluetooth have any problems? This article will show what the problem is and how to fix it.

Hoverboard Bluetooth Not Working – – Why?

If your hoverboard bluetooth is not working, there can be many different reasons for that . . .

1 Charging problems

The reason that your hoverboard bluetooth is not working might be because the hoverboard charges too slow which is the result of a bad charger.

2 Battery problems

If the hoverboard charger is not the problem then there could be a problem with the battery. Check if the hoverboard battery is bad. Put your hoverboard on and then check if the light is orange. If the light is orange the hoverboard battery is spoiled and in need of replacement. To see how you can replace your battery go to the link below

Hoverboard Charging [How To, Problems & Solutions] (zimhoverboard.com)

3 Wire problems

Open the hoverboard and check if it has any wire problems

4 Motherboard problems

How To Connect A Hoverboard Bluetooth

Here’s how to connect your hoverboard’s bluetooth . . .

Step 1. Make sure your phone’s bluetooth is on and also make sure it is discoverable.

Step 2. Put the hoverboard on. You can do this by pushing the silver button on the hoverboard. The hoverboard bluetooth comes on automatically once the hoverboard is on.

Step 3. Go to the settings of your device and connect to BLUETOOTH, that is what the hoverboard’s bluetooth is called. Select your music, press play and you are ready to go.

Hoverboard Bluetooth Reset – – How?

Here’s how to reset your bluetooth hoverboard . . .

Step 1. Make sure the hoverboard is full.

Step 2. Disconnect any device that’s connected to the hoverboard.

Step 3. Make sure the hoverboard isn’t on. You can be sure that it is off when the light on the hoverboard goes off.

Step 4. Put your hoverboard on a level and flat surface where you can work easily.

Step 5. Make sure both sides of the hoverboard are well aligned.

Step 6. Make sure the hoverboard doesn’t tilt while resetting because if it tilts it can make you need to start the resetting process all over again.

Step 7. Push the on button carefully so you don’t tilt it. When the hoverboard comes on the hoverboard’s bluetooth will let you know. Carefully leave the button.

Step 8. Your hoverboard will now reset by itself, leave the hoverboard alone until it is done resetting .

Step 9. Leave the hoverboard for 10 seconds. Make sure the hoverboard stays still as you put it off.

Step 10. The hoverboard will now be ready to ride. Put the hoverboard back on and it will be safe to ride as long as the hoverboard doesn’t start beeping and showing red lights.

How To Make Hoverboard Bluetooth

Here’s how to make your hoverboard able to use bluetooth . . .

Step 1. Get a small bluetooth speaker.

Step 2. Get something you can use to connect the mini bluetooth speaker to your hoverboard.

Step 3. Connect the bluetooth speaker to the hoverboard.

Step 4. Connect the bluetooth speaker to your phone or any other device.

Step 5. Play whatever you want to while you ride your hoverboard.

Hoverboard Bluetooth – – FAQs

What Does A Hoverboard Bluetooth Do?

The bluetooth of the hoverboard allows you to play music while you ride your hoverboard.

How Do I Turn Of My Hoverboard’s Bluetooth?

Turn your hoverboard bluetooth off is as easy as turning it on if you want to turn your hoverboard bluetooth off simply turn the hoverboard off.

Hoverboard Bluetooth Keeps Beeping – – Why?

If your hoverboard is beeping with the bluetooth on this means that the hoverboard battery is low and needs to be charged. If the bluetooth is on when the battery is low you can also hear the hoverboard say that the battery is low.

Hoverboard Bluetooth Not Pairing – – Why?

If your hoverboard bluetooth isn’t pairing with your phone your hoverboard might have been too far away to connect to the phone.

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